I got into Splatoon a while ago when I played the first game on my lovely Wii U when I was like,,, I dunno thirteen or something??? I don't remember.
I skipped Splatoon 2, but now I play Splatoon 3!!!

My Weapon Pool!

Mini Splatling

Mini Splatling is my all-time favorite weapon. It's just so satisfying to shred someone with this thing, and it satisfies my need for speed that the other splatlings just can't. And I'm good at it, too.

E-Liter 4K

After using the Z+F Splatterscope for a while, I finally got the courage to use the E-liter and holy shit. The range on this thing is bonkers especially when I use the scoped E-liter. It's so fun.

Krak-On Splat Roller

When I played Splatoon 1, I was 100% a roller main, but I didn't see any rollers I liked at first. Picked up Krak-On at the start of the Fresh Season and it's been a solid staple of my lineup ever since.

Pain Brush

I picked up the Pain Brush after seeing how sick the range was on some Sizzle Season update video. I'd tried brushes before, but I hated how close I had to get to enemies. Plus it's so much fun to run with.

Z+F Splatterscope

This was the first charger I ever picked up, and I'm glad I did. I use it less now in favor of the E-Liter, but when I'm feeling fashionable I'll pair it with my stylish red fit and go to town in turf wars.

Trislosher Noveau

I don't use the Tri Slosher Noveau much nowadays, but I used it for a while and I'll still occasionally throw it on when I'm feeling up for some Clam Blitz. Fizzy bombs and Tacticooler are so much fun too.


Elix is my splatsona! (xe/xem/xyr pronouns) A funky fella with a need for speed. Always running xir gear with run speed and swim speed up.

Xe enjoys Kraken racing, a sport where players race through dummies in their octo/squid Kraken form. (It's a game played casually while waiting for turf matches, but xe's trying to make it into a professional, standalone thing.)

Elix uses any weapon xe can get xir hands on, but xe'll mainly use chargers or rollers depending on the game mode.

Also works as a safety advisor and medic during Splatfests. Xe has a hyperfixation on safety typography/graphic design.

Art by nyapurrlitan!

Art by Sythiia!


Here's all my Splatoon art!

Smiley Faces

Sometimes I draw smiley faces on the map. Check it out.

A collage of Splatoon screenshots, where there's a smiley face drawn somewhere on the map in ink.

A redraw of the 'You should kill yourself, now!!' meme with Captain from Splatoon 3