cool sites

My Besties!

Hey Auden HI AUDEN!!! HI HELLO!!! thanks for getting me into neocities lol!

Sites I Think are Cool!!!

Sunny Day Sunny Day: Patiently awaiting your TF2 and Vocaloid Shrines...... :)
hunipyon Hunipyon: Lots of cute colors and gifs :3!
Nalfae Nalfae: Love the music box section!
Twelve Men Twelve Men: Twelve Men Simulator is #1 in my top 10 games of the year.
Rolling Lee Rolling Lee: His name is Lee. And he sure is Rolling.
2Bit 2 Bit: Exploring this website is a treat. What does the number pad do exactly??
Debt Death Debt Death: A wonderfully designed site AND sick TF2 art. Will use ur template for my TF2 OC site soon!